Welcome to Y2K Dadz - Maurice Johnson - Program Director

“No longer will we stand idly by and watch the prisons, gangs and streets claim our sons and daughters through father absence,” said Y2K Academy Vice-Principal and Y2K Dadz™ Director, Maurice Johnson.

Y2K Dadz and the National Fatherhood Initiative

 Y2K Academy is committed to increasing African American male involvement in the lives of their children and orphans in the Black community. Millennial Mentoring Youth Academy, LLC is a recipient of a National Responsible Father Capacity Building Initiative (NRFCBI) grant from National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI). NFI designed the NRFCBI through a partnership with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Family Assistance.

The $25,000 NRFCBI grant will help Millennial Mentoring Youth Academy more effectively serve fathers and families by building our capacity in the following four areas: Leadership Development; Organizational Development; Program Development; and Community Engagement. Millennial Mentoring Youth Academy, LLC was one of 25 organizations to be awarded through a competitive RFP process.