About Us

Y2K Academy is a faith-based mentoring program which mentors children, fathers and mothers through our Y2KA Family Enrichment Center.  Y2K recently received federal funding to build capacity to preserve fragile families through best practices in parenting education, workforce development training and substance abuse recovery assistance. Y2K is committed to serving the whole family. The Academy & Family Outreach Center serves as the Judeo-Christian youth and family ministry of The Master's House Church, Suffolk, Virginia, which is pastored by Dr. Princella F. Johnson, Y2K Founder & First Mentor.

Y2K integrates social media and technology to mentor the millennial generation. Y2K targets not only court-involved youth, but the average child that may be slipping through the cracks in failing public school systems. Y2K Academy is not another social or recreational mentoring program, but an empowering academic support and workforce development training center. We believe in helping youth realize their dreams through service, caring adult guidance and vocational tools to help them achieve success.  We believe in our youth, and we show them by spending quality time with them.


Y2K Academy is building Hampton Roads’ first-ever virtual  (online) mentoring program (Y2K Virtual Mentoring Academy, Y2KVMA) which will allow mentors to guide their mentees from the comfort of their home or office computers. Y2K Academy is recruiting mentors to help improve the lives of Hampton Roads’ current and future youth generations. Y2K also needs men's and women's ministries to partner with us to mentor formerly incarcerated fathers and mothers. The Y2KVMA program will be used to mentor fathers in responsible fatherhood training no matter where they reside in Virginia!


Y2K Academy offers teen entrepreneurship training, digital music and video production training, and college and vocational planning assistance to youth. Y2K Academy is building Hampton Roads’ first-ever virtual mentoring program which will allow mentors to guide their mentees from the comfort of their home or office computers. Y2K Academy is recruiting mentors to help improve the lives of Hampton Roads’ current and future youth generations with the National Alliance on Faith & Justice’s PEN or PENCIL Movement. Y2K Academy offers mentoring for youth between the ages of 4-24. Training in MS Office technology, financial literacy and life skills, resume writing, interviewing techniques as well as Web-based job hunting are some of the hard-core employability skills youth may learn. We also teach male and female teen pregnancy prevention, HIV/AIDS/STD, gangs, alcohol and drug abuse prevention, and coming soon shoplifting prevention.


Y2K Academy is committed to increasing African American male involvement in the lives of their children and orphans in the Black community. In 2010, Y2K was recipient of a National Responsible Father Capacity Building Initiative (NRFCBI) grant from National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI). NFI designed the NRFCBI through a partnership with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Family Assistance. The NRFCBI grant helped Y2K more effectively serve fathers and families by building our capacity in the following four areas: Leadership Development; Organizational Development; Program Development; and Community Engagement. Y2K Academy was one of 25 organizations to be awarded through a competitive RFP process.


Mentors go through a rigorous FBI Fingerprint Criminal History Check as well as sexual predator registry, DMV and CPS checks. Mentors receive 8 hours of positive youth development training and are required to attend two quarterly trainings per year. Y2K Academy’s program policies are developed according the national standards for evidence-based, quality and responsible mentoring programs established by MENTOR, the National Mentoring Partnership’s Elements of Effective Practice. We are members of SafetyNet, MENTOR, the Virginia Mentoring Partnership, the Virginia Mentoring Advocacy Network and serve as Virginia Supreme Court Certified Parenting Educators for the Franklin & Southampton County Courts. We founded the Hampton Roads CARES Mentoring Movement, Inc. our collective goal is to match worthy mentors with youth in need of caring adult guidance.


Y2K Academy’s Mission Statement:

Creating Hope While Mentoring Positive Personal & Social Character in Today’s Millennial GenerationTM

 Y2K Academy’s Purpose Statement:

To utilize character education mentoring as a means to reverse the negative impact of parent absence in the lives of Virginia’s youth.

 Y2K Academy’s Goals Statement:

To set under-achieving youth on a path to educational and vocational attainment through mentoring.

 Y2K Academy’s Professional Affiliations, Memberships, and Certifications:

  • Current, MENTOR-National Mentoring Partnership
  • Current, Virginia Mentoring Partnership
  • Current, Virginia Mentoring Advocacy Network
  • Founder, Hampton Roads CARES Mentoring Movement, Inc.
  • Approved, Provider of Mandatory Parent Education Seminars 
  • Certified, National Fatherhood Initiative Best Practices Model
  • Certified, PREPARE/ENRICH Pre-Marital/Marriage Enrichment Coaches, Life Innovations, Inc.
  • Current, Comprehensive Services Act (CSA) Vendor
  • Current, Y2K Dadz™  Founder, Based on National Fatherhood Initiative 24/7 Dad Model
  • Current, Partner, Suffolk Redevelopment Housing Authority
  • Current, Partner, Franklin City Parks & Recreation
  • Current, Member, Norfolk Prison Re-Entry Council
  • Current, Founder, Hampton Roads Ministers Council on AIDS
  • Current, Community Youth Advocate
  • Current, Community Partner, Suffolk Redevelopment & Housing Authority
  • Adult Life Skills Instructor, Franklin Redevelopment & Housing Authority
  • Certified, VDH Youth & Adult HIV/AIDS Prevention Education Specialist
  • Certified, Youth Sexuality Education Facilitator, CTB Publishing
  • Certified, Train the Trainer - New Youth Entrepreneurship Facilitator
  • Former, Approved Agency – Caregiver’s Choice (Mentoring Children of Prisoners) (grant for this program has ended)
  • Former, Approved Agency – MENTOR’S SafetyNET (FBI National Fingerprint Checks) (program no longer available)
  • Former, Department of Health & Human Services HIV/AIDS Testing Lab
  • Inactive, Court-Appointed Special Advocate (CASA)
  • Former, Friend of the Norfolk Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court
  • Former, Contractor, Norfolk Interagency Consortium
  • Former, Contractor, City of Franklin, Virginia CSA