24-7 Dad Comments From Fathers, Family & Community Partners

 Highlighting the Positive Impact Y2K Dadz Program Had on Program Participants


“Coming to 24/7 Dad has created for my children and my grandchildren a dad and granddad with new ears. It touches the men in the church and in the community for the better. S. S., 56-year old, pastor, married father of five and grandfather.




 “I have learn to calm down and work with my kids. I would always help a person because I never want them to go down the road I went. She is listening to me better and more.” B.B., formerly incarcerated, plant worker, married father of three.


“I will continue to refer my clients to the 24/7 DAD Program.  This program is a positive influence to the population I supervise.” R. C. S., Sr. Intensive Probation and Parole Officer, District 6 - Suffolk Probation and Parole



“We are currently recruiting all Dads and Dads-to-be, especially teen and first-time Dads through our WIC clinics, Healthy Families program and Maternity/Pregnancy clinics.  We are displaying the full-color Fatherhood Initiative Poster on-site as well as circulating flyers at clinics and via home visitors. We appreciate the opportunity to help support such good work in our community, especially when it targets such a crucial population.” M.W. L., Maternal Child Health Supervisor, Suffolk Health Department 



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