Y2KA Programs

Y2K Academy Programs

Y2K Academy  various mentoring programs.

They are as follows:




Y2K Dadz(TM):
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 Target: Fathers and Mothers. Teen boys. Incarcerated men. Programs include courses in:

 Effective Parenting Techniques for Dads & Moms

Adult Life Skills

PREPARE/ENRICH Pre-marital & Marital Counseling

  Domestic Violence Prevention

Moms As Gateway

Benefits of Marriage

Male Health, Sexuality & Nutrition

Anger Management


Self-Esteem & Self-Concept

Financial Management

Healthy Relationships

Balancing Work & Family

How to Help Your Child Do Well in School



Re-Entry Workshops for Men & Women


Inside Out Dad (coming soon)

24/7 Dad

Why Knot? (coming soon)

The Re-Entry Trap

Set-up for Relapse

Challenging the “Lifestyle”

Assignment Re-Entry

When I Was Nine – Silent Victims of Sexual Abuse

Women & Chemical Dependency

Darkness to Dawn

Evolution of Madness



Co-Parenting: Two Parents, Two Homes


Shoplifting Prevention & Sanction Program

Under Age Alcohol Sanction For First Offenders

21 & Above Alcohol Violation Program

Marijuana & Other Drug Program For Under 17

21 & Above Marijuana & Other Drug Violation Program

Parent Education Program For Alcohol Education





  The Millennials

Y2K Males Always Prevail(TM)

Y2K Girls Always Excel(TM)

Target: adolescents between the ages of 13-18 who need decision-making and goal-setting skills to navigate away from counter-cultural activities. Programs include courses in:

School Drop-out Prevention

Teen Pregnancy Prevention (Including Y2K Dadz™ for Males)

Anti-gang & Crime Involvement Education

Cultural Awareness & Self-Esteem Education

HIV/AIDS/STDs Prevention

Substance Abuse Prevention

Social & Business Etiquette

Financial Management Literacy

Decision-making & Goal-setting

Conflict Resolution & Personal Harm Reduction Skills


The Emerging Patriots:

Target:  children of deployed military members.


Reading for Black Achievement: Target: Black American youth.


What I Want to Be™: Target: 16-18 year old mentees needing to hone their goal-setting and decision-making skills for college preparation and vocational training. Programs include courses in:

College Access Planning

Community Service & Civic Involvement

Entrepreneurial Skills: How to Start & Run a Teen Business

Social Media Training: Digital Television, Internet & Music Production Skills

Technology Literacy: MS Office Skills

Web-based Job Search Techniques

Youth Employment Law Literacy


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