Y2K Mentee Motto

I Am What I Choose to Be

Written By Dr. Princella F. Johnson, Copyright 2010



I am not what I see

I am what I choose to be

I am not what I see

I am what I choose to be

I can choose to be happy

I can choose to be sad

I can choose to be good

I can choose to be bad

I can choose to do right

I can choose to do wrong

But there's one thing I should not choose

That is to blame others for the things I have done wrong.

I will choose to do right

Instead of doing wrong

I will choose to be good

Instead of being bad

I will choose to be happy

Instead of being sad

I am not what I see

I am what I choose to be

I am not what I see

Because I have chosen to be the best me that I can be.

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Destiny Davis, Age 9, Y2K Girls Always Excel

Ashleigh, Age 16

 The day that I came in the program with Mrs. Johnson, from the time me and the girls walked in the room, she opened up her heart to us, and I knew right there that this was going to be easy to do. I felt the trust to say things and knew it wouldn’t be said to anybody. I have learned so many important facts and good information about how being abstinent is the 100% way to be safe.

I have enjoyed the time I spent in this class, and met somebody that cares a whole lot about my safety. I know that I will keep in touch with Mrs. Johnson, even after the program because she is a really good listener and a smart woman. She made me feel better about myself, and showed me the right way to deal with my problems.

I opened my eyes and took a look at all the people around me, and found out that I was my own person, and not to let people walk all over you. I learned to be myself, and not a push-over.

I have decided to the fullest to become abstinent until marriage, because I want to have a good life and not have problems in the future.

I want to thank Mrs. Johnson for taking the time to care about me and all the other girls. I really learned a lot from her, and I won’t ever forget it.

Justin, Age 16

 I used to think having sex was cool and made me a man. Manhood was something my mentor taught me. Manhood is not about having sex with every girl you know. Manhood is about making the right choices about your future and not getting caught up in having sex with people you’re not married to. This program has taught me that having sex could be the worst decision in my life.

One of the downfalls in having sex is STDs. AIDS is one of the STDs you can’t get rid of. The only way to get AIDS is from blood, vaginal discharge, breast milk or semen. You can’t get AIDS from spit, urine, tears, sweat or hand-to-hand contact. I’ve also learned that there is no cure for viral diseases such as AIDS, HPV and Herpes. Bacterial diseases like Syphilis and Gonorrhea can be cured, but they may do permanent damage to the reproductive organs.

This program has helped me find my goals in life. My personal goal is to stay out of crime involvement and a better person.

My mentor has given me knowledge and advice on everything I need to know in life. He’s taught me how to manage money, look for jobs, respect women, and take care of my responsibilities. Responsibilities play a big part in manhood. I learned that it is better to stay focused on your goals and your future.

He also taught me how to raise a baby. In order to raise a baby, you have to have a good job, health insurance, food, clothes, shelter and diapers.

Throughout this whole program, my favorite topic was STDs because I needed to know more about diseases, so I can help someone else my age.

Overall, this program was good for me. It has given me more knowledge on everyday life. If it wasn’t for this program, I would still be involved in crime.

Rosalee, Peer Educator for Passion & Purity Project-757

My name is Rosalee Longshore; I am now a Teen Peer Educator for the Passion and Purity Project.  Pastor Princilla and Maurice Johnson are the founders of this organization. They have taught me and others information concerning HIV, AIDS, and STDS.  Princilla and Maurice Johnson are great educators and they have a passion for teaching young people as well as older about the diseases that are attacking society.  Princilla and Maurice Johnson provide the class with a warm and excitable environment.  They always have great energy and become very interactive with the students and with the material that is being taught.  Princilla and Maurice Johnson want to help change the lives and lifestyles of many when it comes to awareness about AIDS, HIV, and STDS. The only way they can raise awareness is by teaching young people the information, and going out into the community and talking about the sexual behaviors that are taking societies young people away on a day to day basis. Princilla and Maurice Johnson are involved with the community. They are making a difference in this generation by teaching us information about the risky sexual behaviors that are killing young teenagers daily.

            By being apart of this program, I have learned a lot of information about HIV, AIDS, and STDS.  I have learned how to administer a HIV test. I have learned statistics from watching educational videos about the sexual diseases and also from power point presentation prepared by Pastor Johnson. Princilla and Maurice Johnson teach us how to be prepared to go out into society and talk to the young people.  By going to this class they are providing me and other s with the tools that we need to get the information about sexual diseases out into the communities.

            I am very grateful to be apart of this program now. Since joining the Passion and Purity Project, I am now able to talk to people about HIV, AIDS, and STDS. I feel that every time I talk to someone about the information that I have learned, I am making a difference in their life.  I have had the opportunity to share the information with all types of young people. I have received great feedback; even to the point that one teenage girl told me that she wants to get the Passion and Purity Program started at her high school. Learning the information has made more aware of what types of sexual diseases are right here in the area that I live in. I want to continue learning more information by being apart of the Passion and Purity Program and I want to continue to inform others. The Passion and Purity Project have changed my life, and I hope that one day that it will change the lives of others.   



Dasia, Age 16

I learned that even if you love someone, you don’t have to have sex just to keep them. Because many times when you have sex with them, they leave you because they got what they wanted.

I think they should continue to have this class for kids so that they don’t go out and make mistakes, and so that kids can be aware of what they are getting themselves into when they are having sex. Also, so they will know that its not all what it seems to be. Really, they should wait until they get married. It’s a good class, and I learned a lot and I believe a lot of other kids can learn a lot also. Especially about getting abortions, and how harmful it can be to a girl’s body and it is very harmful to babies. When you have to take care of a baby, it is really hard, that’s why I know now is not the time for me to get pregnant. My goals are to get my GED and go to beauty school and have a part-time job.

Diesha, Age 15

 I also learned that condoms break. I know that I am not ready to get pregnant. If you get pregnant, you have to get a job to take care of the baby. Pregnancy is only for when you get married.

I know how to tell boys that the relationship can go somewhere only if they respect me. I learned that if he really loves me, he won’t force me to have sex. If he says, “I don’t want you anymore because you won’t have sex with me,” I will tell him, “You may not want me, but I love myself.”

I learned a lot of ways to be safe while I am with boys. You can use your head, hands and feet to show the boy that you do not want to have sex with him. I can go to the mall with my friends. If you don’t want to have sex on a date, have a friend with you. If a boy wants to have sex with you, you can have your sister with you. It is not good to drink with boys. If you drink with a boy, you probably will have sex with the boy.

Mrs. Johnson also helped me with my reading while I was in the class. These are all the things I learned while I was in the program.


Joseph, Age 16

 I learned that respect for women is a must! Tell her that you like the way her clothes look and tell her she is the light of your life, and that you love her often. You show your wife respect by providing for her. I also learned about compassion for the people who have AIDS and STDs. When you show compassion you would show them that you care them and what they are going through.

So thanks to Mr. Johnson for helping me do the right thing in life by staying abstinent. Thank you.

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